Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Scraprack Organizational Challenge

Tiffany Spaulding's 2013 Organizational Challenge has entirely changed my paper crafting!  With her system, I have began to overhaul my "have-a-lot" paper and stamp collection.  She has a very well thought out system that accommodates the have-a-little's and the have-a-lots.  First is to sort the papers, themes and calendar year are other sections but my favorite and most revolutionary part is the Rainbow section.  Instead of having scraps, borders, and various size papers organized by size or "collection", I have put them all in a selection of iris containers sorted by colors.  I ended up with way more than the 7 colors of the rainbow.  Plus, you need browns, tans, white, black and I have a black & white/grey.  I have also split up the blues into blues, indigos, and teal/turquoises.  The greens are brights and dark/olives then there is pink and metallics.  Below are some pictures of my sorting.  After paper organization comes embellishments which some of my photos include.

You can find the videos on

Beginning to sort 12x12 sizes...

I did still keep the "mat" sizes in there own containers.  They don't store as well in the iris containers.




Bright greens




black & white/greys



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