Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Latest pictures of my studio...

So I saw this article about artist studios recently and thought it was interesting:

It made me want to document my every changing studio.  I did a "10 second tidy" (moms with certain age children will get this one). In reality it was an all day tidy and then I took some pictures.  After the looking at my pictures I made a few more changes.  It really helped to look at pictures of my junk to determine the best place to put it, and no not on the curb as my husband would like...

Here are my pens, I used to keep all the types of pens separate i.e. markers, stamp pens, gel pens.  I finally decided to organize them in a rainbow.  It is working so far! but I have not gotten around to cataloging my colors yet...as per Tiffany's Scrap Rack organizational challenge:

A view from my seat.  I have already re-organized the ribbons on the spools at the bottom of the display.  The small spools fit just fine in my "rainbow" iris containers, so I made these ribbons holders all large spools that are bulky in my "rainbow" iris containers and "rainbowed" the colors which was already in the beginning stages.

You can see my handy color chart of inks within arms reach of my chair.  (Pinks are showing).  I have cataloged inks, mists, and embossing powders.  Still need to do  paints and pens.

My small embellishments (brads and buttons) are "rainbowed" in small bead containers.

The RAINBOW of Iris containers!  This is my go to for EVERYTHING!  I am amazed at how quickly I can find exactly what I am looking for for at any given time!  Just the right red or green paper or embellishment found with ease!

My hand made Scrap Rack (an old catalog display from my office) on top of an old cart covered in tie dye duct tape (also from my office).  I have "collections" still in the 6 carry containers underneath.  The cart rolls so that I can use the A/C in the window in the summer.

The two CM containers contain all my 8.5x11 cardstock for cardmaking.

My bead space....

Storage for less used catagories. Paint and mixed media storage.
I have already changed this all around!  It just looked so junky.  I didn't like storing on the floor either.  So now there are some of the iris containers on the floor on top of the mixed media storage.

Pink containers are stamps.  The stack on the floor is sorted and the stack on the shelf is unsorted.  After this picture I felt like I was slacking and cataloged two more containers!  I am very near the halfway mark in cataloging all of my stamps!!  My fingers are still inky!!

The blue containers are power layouts.  I have a couple of albums already in progress.  One is four containers equaling about four physical albums and the other is two.  I don't know if I will be able to fit the two (one and a half) containers into one physical album.  I hope so, it is my honeymoon album.  The rest are full of open packs of pages and protectors.  The shelves are full of unopened albums, protectors and pages.  My completed albums are stored in the china cabinet which at this time is at least 35 or so...

I have also moved my cricut cartridges to the end of the green shelves.  The look really neat and are really accessible.  The junk on those shelves has been distributed elsewhere...

Some paper stacks and papers that I have multiples of (12-25 of each) and some kits are stored here:

My straight stand has only cardstock, not papers.

Here you can see underneath my desk.  The brown accordion folder is full of CM ABC stickers.  My patterns are handy to cut shapes!  The blue container on my desk contains my acrylic blocks, very handy.  My hubby took some of those out of his truck (for parts) and said can you use these?  I can't stack on top of this one because some of my acrylics are large, but I love having them so handy and I can just throw them in, unorganized but still organized!

My most used categories:  calendar year is in the rack on the left and boy stuff and travel on the right.  CM collections are stored in the clear containers on either side.

Under the other table:  One drawer set has punches in two drawers and adhesives in the bottom and the other is all old SU sets still in there plastic containers.  I have not been able to bring my self to take my wood block stamps off the wood.  I see the benefits in space, but I still like them.  I just have vowed not to purchase any more.  

As you can see I have lots of junk around my room~art if you want to call it that...this is a "toy" my friend and I created jointly at my son's bday party at The Toy Lab one year.  It is very special to me.

A display I used to use in my jewelry booth before it started falling apart.  It is better to not travel with it.  I also made the gourd.  It is one my now deceased grandfather harvested.  I used blues and purples, it is my "Mourning gourd" as I created it after his death.  I also created it around the time of a friend's father's death, so it is in mourning of the "Great Father/Grandfather".

A half way finished ceramic fairy....someday!  One of my first altered cigar boxes is behind it.  Lots of brooches, beads and broken jewelry on it.  

A view from the door.

My Sizzix big shot and dies are in the large iris containers on the floor underneath the extra table (and my garbage can).  I brought this table out for a friend to work on...my son now uses it most.  I am trying to keep it clear to be able to throw the big shot up there or sort through things easily.  

The other side of the room:

Cataloged stamps, now even more!

Uncataloged~now a smaller stack!  The green container on top has embossing stuff.  I have to laugh seeing the hair spray...I use more hair spray in crafting than on my hair!!

Power layouts

The dark green are sorted by manufacturer.  I have Paper Loft all together because I am on their design team.  I have Graphic 45 scraps and stamps together.  Letters are in the clear containers~now on top of mixed media.

Memorabilia, not great, but hey at least I have one year in one container! 

A beautiful doll from
 another artist and my latest award!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look today.  I hope I didn't bore you with my studio tour...Be sure and check out Tiffany Spalding's Organizational Challenge!

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