Saturday, February 24, 2018

Craft room clean up

Good morning, I am still occupied with other things in my life right now.  I did however, do a clean up of my craft room when I returned from vacation last month.  Of course, one has to take pictures when it is "clean" or as clean as it gets, lol!  It has just taken a month to get the pics in a post.  

As soon as you walk in the door to the left is my stamp collection.

Next along that wall is my ink pad and refill collection.  I created my holders out of foam board.  Warning!!! Do NOT use the cheap $1 foam board, it is not as sturdy as the good stuff found at Michael's.  I had to remake the ones on the left, the one on the right is several years old and has not sagged that bad while just as full...the difference was the board.  Yes, the good stuff is more expensive but it takes many hours to make these containers and much better not to have to do the same project twice because of shoddy materials.

My old dog loves to hang out in mom's craft room.

This area is handy to my primary seat.  I have my tool caddy and solid card stocks within reach.  As is my color charts and a notebook of less used thin dies.

Webster relaxing...

My rainbow papers and embellishments.

The primary reason for my clean up was to incorporate the wood shelving that holds my electronics.  One of my printers was not even in my craft room.  Now both my electronic cutters and both my printers have a permanent sturdy home.  It also gave me more table top for designing and preparing my mats for my electronic cutters.

My beads have been relegated to the corner.

I rearranged this top shelf since it used to house one of my printers.

Even during clean up, there is a "collection" area where all the "other" stuff collects.

My die cutting area.  The old Creative Memories binders hold my embossing folders.

I have lined several areas with magnets to hang my most used thin dies.

And we are back to the door.  Thanks for stopping by for my annual clean up and 360 tour.  



  1. WOW!!! Quite the craft room and so nice and neat. Would you please come and give me a hand with my mess?


  2. Oh WOW, what an organised craft room! TFS the photos. Tidying my craft room has been on my to do list for too long! LOL! xx

  3. Now THAT is an AWESOME craftroom! Congratulations on your clean-up! It looks fantastic and I am sooooooo jelly! Love your organization! Looks very easy to find what you're looking for, and that is the key! Well done, you! Can I come over and play?????

  4. Jealous! I am tip toeing through piles right now!

  5. Oh My - I would love to get in there for a day -
    I love to go through asn admire my friends treasures,
    It would take me awhile to get through all of yours!!