Sunday, October 21, 2012

Border Maker Ideas

This is a border maker idea sheet I made for a recent crop.  Several ideas were scraplifted.  Running ribbon through the picket fence cartridge is one of my favorites illustrated in purple cardstock and Fabulous paper ribbon.  For the pumpkins I used pop-dots, chalked the edges (all borders have been) and ran an old CM vine sticker between them, too cute!  The waves are layered and the center border reversed.

The entire page. I almost didn't keep the gingerbread cartridge but after seeing some very creative ideas on a CM share page (bottom 3 borders), I decided it was very versatile!  The red and black border is the frame chain border cartridge with black dots glued in between and ladybug dots drawn on the back very cute and makes my mind race with other color combinations with dots in between or sticker flowers...


  1. How did you make the ghosts? Is there a cartridge for that or did you improvise?

    1. Never mind, I re-read your description about the bottom 3 borders. I'm not sure I get it, but i'll try to figure it out. Thanks! These are very cute

    2. the ghost are made from the gingerbread cartridge out of white paper with one "leg" cut off and eyes and nose drawn on with black pen. I hope that helps you!