Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Updated Studio Photos

I have too much stuff!
The jewelry side...
I took out the second desk that was on this side because it just collected clutter.  I rearranged some containers I already had elsewhere.  I feel I have more room and it looks more organized.  I know it is still very cluttered compared to the neat white rooms in new homes that I see on other blogs.

Cluttered.  I haven't made jewelry since my last show the second weekend of September.

One of the first little projects I did when I moved scrapbooking to this room was color my tinkerbell I had had around for years.

This is the cabinet I was painting in the last set of photos from a few months ago.  I still have to find a longer screw to attach the knob I have picked out.  I bought the jars at Tuesday Morning and put buttons in them.  It held most of my buttons but not all.  The center shelf contains really old buttons at least one jar maybe two came from a friends mother's collection.  I feel honored to be given some of her mother's buttons.  I plan on decorating the outside over time.  I love my glimmer mist on top!  very handy!

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