Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Quick Quotes Intro Today

Good Day Everyone!  
Today is the day my intro to the Quick Quotes Design Team is posted on their blog!!

I really wanted to get a little project done for the intro but I have had a ton going on in my non bloggy life!  Much of which was still along crafty lines though.  One of the events going on was my grandmother's 90th birthday!  I scanned in over 600 photos and other items from her personal photo stash.  I organized and edited them into a slide show for the actual party.  I also purchased flash drives for the entire family and gave each household a copy of  them.  Except my grandmother!  I have to put her's on a cd! She doesn't own a computer and she wants to see that slideshow AGAIN! I have explained to her, she owns all the original pictures but they are easier for her to see on the big screen.  I also made her a wonderful explosion box but did not have a chance to take any pictures.  I will share a few pictures that I scanned and the one my sister took of my box (unexploded) at the party.  

Beautiful lady!

This is my grandparents and my father.

On her 90th!

The one pic of my explosion box!

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  1. OMG where to begin!! OK 1st off Happy 90th birthday to your grandma!!!
    WOW and have to say she sure don't look 90 WOW she is still one beautiful her younger days photos you shared.....and the one with your dad is priceless.
    WOW also to your hard work with the photos....that truly awesome of you!!
    Love the hat and explosion box pic....looking forward to pix of it.
    GIRL YOU so ROCK!!!!

    1. thanks so much Joan! the project is 400 miles away so I have left my sister in charge of taking pics, she is a professional so I think she can handle it!