Friday, September 30, 2016

Summer Photography Hunt

I have had my pics taken for a while, I have just been remiss in posting them. 

#2 Footprint or pawprint

I found this one on the sidewalk near my home.

#4 Book or magazine read this year

Scrappy, of course!

#6 A camper

 I found this on a dog walk.

#8 An art project
(tons to choose from)

I am quite fond of this one, perhaps because of the time I spent.

#11  Fresh Produce

This was in the middle of summer and lots of nice produce available.

#13 The moon

#15 Team logo
My son's favorite teams

#17 Twins
 I thought this would be the hardest and I ended up with two sets!

#18 Supermarket cart full of groceries
This is a very light load for me but I finally remembered to snap the photo.

#19 A seasonal cocktail or beverage
frosty alcoholic beverages

Baseball and beer, how much more "summery" can you get?

#20 Someone laughing

My friends and I at a show

#21 photo of me with a calendar (from the beginning of the challenge back in June)

I am also including an alternate just because my baby is so cute!

Thank you so much for bearing with me and this last scavenger hunt post.  You can find the rest of my post here and here.  

Thanks so much for stopping by!

October is a HUGE month beginning on the first with National Card Making Day and continuing all month long!


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