Friday, November 18, 2016

Thin die storage hack

Good morning dear readers!  I want to express how thankful I am for your following me and I promise some candy coming for December.  I have just been a bit overwhelmed with family commitments the last few weeks and of course, with the holidays in the next weeks to come.  I have not been playing along with many challenges.  I feel like my mojo is lacking...although I just love the few projects I have completed.  The last mini album I made just tickles me pink!  And I have a few wonderful items in store for next week.

I have been spending some time in my craft room just not creating but reorganizing.  I follow Totally Tiffany's organizational methods.  She offers FREE classes on a regular basis and some great organizational products.  But as I am sure like most of you, I just can't buy everything I want and sometimes we need a fairly easy and much cheaper hack.  I have one for you today.

I wanted to use these magnetic storage sheets but they are expensive. The cheapest I found in a two pack is Walmart with free shipping (link in pic) and direct from Crafter's Companion you can buy them by the 10 pack for $45ish and I didn't check shipping.  I recently received a two pack from my Scrapbook Secret Sister and they are wonderful but...I can't afford to get the amount I need.

Image result for crafters companion magnetic sheets

I had already used the Magnetic Vent covers to cover a cork board and place my most used thin dies (circles, rectangles, etc) on the wall next to my die cutting machines. These are a 3 pack of 8x15 for less than $5 at Lowes.  I had a free Lowe's gift free for me!

After some trial and error I decided using a sheet protector to make sure if the dies pop off while turning pages they fall inside the pocket.

The magnetic sheets are very easy to cut with a trimmer although I advise using an old blade.  It definitely wore it out after cutting 15 sheets. 

At first I just used a 3 hole punch directly on the magnetic sheet so some of my sheets have holes.  The first page is my newly expanded sheet of word dies and it on the "original" product.  I used my two "originals" as the first and last page in my binder for sturdiness.

The pages are only 8" wide instead of 8.5" and the page is thinner. By using the page protectors it added some extra sturdiness but it is still not as thick as the original product.  However, it works for me!  Below are the sheets containing flowers and leaves.

As you can see the one side of the vent cover is white and your stamps will cling to it just as on the "original" product. I however, store my matching stamps and dies in another place using a different method with which I am pretty satisfied.  For this project I was looking for something like my the board on my wall that was easily accessible, where I could see what I have but I didn't need these dies right next to my station.

So I added the new binder to my binder area within reach of my primary chair.  BTW the binders were also FREE from my workplace.

This is not a very good picture, this stack was a few inches DEEP!  So much packaging that I am not using, but I am not throwing it away.  I am too much of a hoarder...but really every piece I kept has important information I may need about the product.  I disposed of most all of the plastic and extraneous packaging.  When I added this to my stash of old inserts...I found a label from a set I had been searching for the name.  I had searched everywhere and even inquired on Totally Tiffany's organizational Facebook page! No one knew the answer, but it was on the original packaging I had saved!  Sometimes it is good to hoard...or I will tell myself.

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  1. Great idea, Alicia...would you please come over and organize my chaos for me?


    1. my sister says I should be a professional organizer...I am pretty good at it...but my room has taken me YEARS to perfect and it isn't quite done but better every day!