Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Boy layout with Discover

Another day at Fairview Park.  It is so easy to walk here we often visit.  The long one way road makes for a safe city street to ride.  There is always something to explore like the steps.  I read recently that the City no longer has the money to keep up all the steps and a group has formed to save the city steps by keeping up maintenance and utilizing them!  Apparently steps are good excercise, I guess I wouldn't know that...LOL!  Actually my knees are getting old and steps can sometimes hurt them, so I avoid steps now, but that is hard when your scrapbooking room is on the third floor!  Laundry in the basement, Matt counted the number one time, I think it is 60 plus steps!  I should take this set of steps more often, I have a friend who lives at the bottom.  We live so close, we should see each other more often.

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