Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Wednesday Winner!!!

Good morning dear readers!  I am still winding down from the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop.   I was able to whittle the comments down to those who left comments on my blog all 12 Days.  It takes a lot of dedication!  I know, I also hopped all 12 Days, all regular hoppers and guest designers! If you are on this list you might want to check out the Facebook event page check it out you qualify for the final grand prize and if you haven't finished you still have time!

I created this list in no particular order but when it was all said and down this is what it looked like and I numbered it.

So here is a list of those dedicated followers eligible for the prize below:

1. Wunder's Crafty World
2. Scrapbook Blessings Club 
3. Barbara B
4. Mary Holshouser
5. Nadia Crafter
6. Migdalia
7. Ladybug
8. Marji Franklin
9. Miranda
10. Mamawcindy

I want to thank these ladies again for their dedication and note there were a handful of followers who just missed one day!  doh! (in a Homer Simpson voice)  Thanks to you too!  I wonder if you were aware you missed one or two days?

Well on to the good part....with 10 qualified entries I went to the winner is

Nadia Crafter


Please contact me via the contact button on the side bar.

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to the hop especially our fearless and level headed leader, Lisa at Honeybearzdesigns2011!



  1. It was such a fun hop!! Congrats to Nadia!!
    Have a blessed day,
    Crafting With Creative M

    1. thanks for checking back and being a loyal follower!!


  2. These look so fun! Thank you so much! I have enjoyed hopping with you!

  3. It said to contact you through the link on the side. I did that and put my address and everything in there but Shannon said you didn't get my info. So let me know what you want me to do or if you got it. I could message you on Facebook or an email. Thanks

    1. I did not get it, I just went back and searched...please try me on FB, I have a link to my FB page at the top right!