Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

I love making cover photos for my Facebook page with Creative Memories Storybook Creator.  I plan on upgrading to the Panstoria Artisan program soon but for now SBC works just fine.  I got the formula for creating timelines with this program on FB originally.  Essentially, I created a project in my program with page sizes of 4x10 and just past 5/8's mark.  Then I set up markers at 2.25 horizontally and 2.75 vertically, this marks off your profile picture so you know anything in that corner will not be seen on your cover.  After that is is simply a matter of decorating your page and uploading to FB.  It makes it easy to have a new cover every month.  I am sure knowing the dimensions you can create this in whatever digital software you may use.  Thanks for stopping by, Happy New Year!!!

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