Tuesday, June 7, 2016

2016 Summertime Photography Scravenger Hunt #rindas2016photohunt

This is my second post for the hunt and I have several photos to share that I took over the weekend.

#3 skeleton, bones or x-rays

Well,  I saw another entry with a skeleton such as this...so I took a second photo.  This hangs in my studio.  My first bone pic is kind of gory...skip ahead if you are squeamish.  

photo #2 is a bone I just saw on the ground, it is covered in dirt and maggots, yuk!  It was the first bone I saw and in general bones are gonna be kind of icky anyway.  I hope this doesn't offend but this is part of the circle of life and such is the subject matter for photography.  

#5 porch or deck

I don't think there is a much prettier porch than this one.  This is my uncle's house and he built most of it.  My son commented after we left that they have the prettiest house he has ever visited.

A close up view.

#7 a family gathering

You guessed it, we were at my uncle's for a family gathering!  Of course, since this was taken in the kitchen it is mostly the women (and I will note also the ones not chasing after small children). My mother, two of my aunts, my cousin, two of my nieces and their dad, my brother in law...sneaking some food, I am sure!

#9 playing in or around water

If you guessed my aunt and uncle have a pool, you would be right!  And this is three of my nieces and my son playing.

#10 A bicycle

Prior to the family gathering my sister and I went junk'in.  I saw plenty of cool old bikes.  Here are some of them:

Close up of one of the seats.

This one was definitely for decorative purposes only.  The entire thing was painted silver and flowers were adhered to the handle bars.

#12 A window

Back to photos at my family gathering...again their home is very picturesque.  The view from this window of their old pump house is super neat.  The little white cottage in the distance was my grandmother's.  She passed last August.  She was 90.  We were here to empty it of the last of her things.  It was sad, but seeing family is always a good thing and we have several new babies in the family so it was a very nice visit.  I love playing with babies that aren't mine!  LOL!

#14 a buffet of food

This was dinner.  19 pounds of smoked boston butt pulled for sandwiches.  I don't eat meat but everyone was very impressed with it!  I had pasta salad (prior to the bacon bits being added) and potato salad as the baked beans were also laced with meat. My family is southern, can you tell?

#16 a map showing a trip taken during the period

Well, this is my GPS as we left for this family gathering.  I tried to zoom out but it still wasn't very identifiable.  We ran into a bit of traffic and stopped to eat so we actually arrived at 10:12 pm.  It was a trek and this trip I didn't have anyone to help with the driving.

I took a picture of a bowl of fruit, I wasn't that pleased with and another one or two that I am not sure I am happy with so more to come soon!  I am lovin' this challenge!

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  1. DANG!!! You've got a lot of stuff here. You have been busy finding these goodies. If I can't find any meat with bones in it I'm going to have to make a skeleton but I really don't want to do that because I have no use for it. Happy hunting.