Monday, January 26, 2015

Organization Methods

Tomorrow starts the new Get Organized challenge with Tiffany at The Scraprack!  This will be my fifth time through...although I don't pay as much attention to each step as I used to do.  I have made my way through most of the steps just a few areas to finish cataloging.  If you don't know anything about Tiffany and The Scraprack, you really should check it out.  There is also a very supportive Facebook Group, you can get almost any question answered immediately and all kinds of great storage ideas are suggested.  I did acquire an actual Scraprack this year which I will highlight when I get my new room together.

For now this is what I have to show you.

I just recently purchased the Jinger Adams Over the door armoire at Tuesday Morning for only $99.  I have it over the door in my new room and have not completely utilized it yet.  I discovered the best use for the pouches when I was cataloging my stickles and paint pens, I temporarily put them here to have them upside down and decided this was a fantastic place for them!  I had them in a plastic tub before which doesn't have them ready to use like this area!  They are also very accessible once I start using this room.  I am also happy to have another category cataloged.

I have still not figured out what I want to store in the bottom portions of both sides.  Washi tape fits nicely on the left but I have way too much and most are organized with my rainbow embellishments.  The black and whites and themes are in my We R Washi Keeper,  I acquired the new stackable ones recently.  It is not quite full since most of my washi is elsewhere, so this is the storage I am sticking with for washi.  The paper tapes on top are just a little bit big for the dispenser and the containers in my armoire.

Here is my rainbow section.  If you look close enough you will see there is a container for each color's paper and embellishments.  Some colors need more room since I have boys those colors are blue and green.  You can see the washi's and ribbons lined up in the front of the container for easy viewing.

I have a lot of punches!  They are stored in a bin, divided into three drawers:  basic shapes, those that match stamps and decorative shapes.  These are still on my to-do catalog list.

This is how I store my embossing folders.  I am re-purposing an old Creative Memories storage binder and inserts.  The block storage that has 4 pockets on each side and therefore hold 8 embossing folders each. 

Here's a page.  I have one side of the folder hanging on the outside of the pocket for easier viewing.  I have them organized by themes and shapes.  These are also on my to-do cataloging list as well.

Another Tuesday Morning find!  I was looking for something to store my Kiwi Lane Designer templates.  I had them in an iris container but it was not good for finding what I wanted quickly.

I found these in the closet organization section.  You can hang them anywhere!

I hope this gives you some ideas for organization of your crafty goodies and a point in the right direction if you are looking to get started on organization plan for the new year.

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  1. Love the idea of the belt spinner for Kiwi Lane templates. I've not found a good way to store them. I wish there was a Tuesday Morning nearby, but I'll check the other stores for some. Keep the great ideas coming. Hugs my friend.

    1. I bet some other stores have them...the cool things about this one (well I have 5 full) is that they swivel!

  2. Looking good! Love your organization!

  3. Good luck with your organizing. I am not that organized anymore........sigh

    Sue’s Paper Crafts – My personal Blog!

    1. Sue, you should try Tiffany's class! You can sign up on the website and watch the videos at your leisure.