Wednesday, September 16, 2020

How to Make Drawers for your Michael's storage unit

I recently accomplished a deep clean of my craft room.  I have a couple of the cubes below from Michael's.  I turn them both directions for various items, however, I desired to get the items easily from the back of the cubbies so I thought I would make some drawers.

Here are the drawers I made for the small cubbies.  To make your own, you will need 2 - 12x12 sheets of thick card stock, strong adhesive and a knob or pull for each drawer.

  1. Score sheet #1 at 2.75" on each end or 2.75" and 8.25" (short side)
  2. Fold on score lines
  3. Cut sheet #2 (uses entire sheet)
    • 12"x4.5" - 2 pieces
    • 12"x1.5" - 2 pieces
  4. Score 12"x4.5" pieces at 2.75" on each end or 2.75" and 8.25" (short side)
  5. Score 12"x4.5" pieces at 3.75" lengthwise leaving a .75" strip
  6. Add adhesive to the 12"x1.5" strips and add to long sides of sheet #1 to desired height
  7. Add adhesive to the center .75" strip and align along open end of sheet #1 
  8. Prefold the corners against the sides of the box, I found the fold naturally fell into place
  9. Add adhesive to the entire side panel including the inside of the folded corner
  10. Don't forget to put adhesive on the outside strip of the fold
  11. Firmly press the adhesive and smooth out the corner.
  12. Repeat with the last piece of paper to complete the box shape.
  13. Finally, poke/punch a hole(s) for your pull or knob for the front of your drawer

Here's the entire cube with my two new drawers.

Here is the junk I stashed in my drawers.  Ribbon and other bits and pieces that don't have a place in my craft room yet.

Blenders and handles I access frequently in this drawer.

DCVW Metallic Pink card stock
Scoring tool
Scotch ATG Adhesive gun
crystal knobs

I will be posting pictures of my very clean craft room in my next post. Be sure to subscribe and thanks for stopping by today.



  1. What a great idea. I never used my ones with long spots like this because stuff got lost in the back.

    1. Well I am glad I am not the only one with this problem and now I have done the math for making a drawer! I recommend thick sturdy card stock.