Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Scrap Rack Organizational Challenge~Embossing Powder

First of all, I am not in sync with Tiffany Spaulding's current 2013 Fall Get Organized challenge found here:  I took the challenge originally in January, refreshed with the last one and about to refresh with the current lesson.  I have made extreme progress in "Tiffanizing" my stash.  I am still constantly sorting piles and storing in my organized area.  Her theories are life changing.  I have been able to utilize my stash so much more than I would have ever thought possible!  Of course, I still have thousands of stamps to catalog!  I have completed my inks and chalks and it is easy when I purchase a new color to add to my chart.  Now I have found myself "playing" with my embossing powders trying to find the best combination for the project. Time to Tiffanize! I was also inspired by Judikins' booth at Stampaway.  She has samples of all her embossing powders in a clear embossing ink and a black.  This is PERFECT to determine the range of colors you will get although not all the combinations you can come up with, it gives you the information to decide QUICKLY which powder to use.  I don't have that many so this was one of the quicker Tiffanizing projects.  I used stamps with details to be able to quickly judge how fine the powder.  I made two copies, one to store with my ink and stamp catalogs and one to cut up and store with my "rainbow" section. I have also organized them on the paper in a rainbow method. Finally, I wrote the name of the powder under the sample.  I have used 8.5 x 11 paper just as I have for the ink and stamp catalog for easy storage in a 3 ring binder (eventually).  For more information just check out Tiffany's website.  You DO NOT need to buy her product to participate but she has designed these products with her methods in mind.
My embossing powder list ended up a little messy, do you know how glittery I was when I was done with this?

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